Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is Max. He is my dog. Technically he belongs to the family, but it was my choice to have him join our bunch. He was found abandoned by a creek and the person who rescued him couldn't keep him. Normally I don't like dogs like Max, but I think there was just something about his circumstances that touched me. I love taking care of the unloved and unwanted, so Max was perfect. Of course my husband said no, but I didn't listen. Max needed me.

It was hard at first for Max. Apparently he had been abused in some way. If someone would hold a brush around him, he would attack it. He had this horrible habit of peeing anywhere if someone raised their voice. He also had some obsessive habits such as licking the other dogs' faces and chewing on sheets and blankets. It took a lot of patience and love to help him recover. He still has some residual issues, but otherwise he is normal.

What I love about Max is he always seems to be tuned in to how I feel. When I am having a particularly bad time with my balance, he will be there to steady me. If I'm feeling down, he will lay down beside me so I can hold on to him. He is my rock. My son says he likes Max because he always looks like he's smiling. This week I've been relying on his smile more than normal.

This has been such a sad time for us. I helped a dear friend while her dog had her first litter a week early. We were planning on having one of the puppies. As of today there is one left and it is not good. They were born too early. I am sad that we lost our puppy, but I am more heartbroken for my friend who has worked so hard to keep the little ones alive. We will have our puppy someday. We have also had to deal with two deaths and one loved one who is in the hospital and having a very hard time. We have all also been pretty sick with some kind of virus. I have worried that I may end up in the hospital, but I have pushed through and think I may be getting better. Through all of this Max has been right by our side. His smile has been so comforting when I didn't think I could take anymore. We will get through this.

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