Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I had this great plan for the Memorial Day weekend. I figured I would do all of my running around and obligatory family stuff on Saturday and Sunday. That would leave me Monday to rest and recover before heading back to work. Since my Meniere's attacks are getting sneakier and more frequent, I decided I would start listening to the professionals and rest more. Well on Monday we got an invitation for another family get together and even though I was wiped out, I agreed to go. Usually when I'm feeling bad I just have the rest of the family go but I thought I would go for a while. You see, my not going to family things and staying out of the fray has been misconstrued by others and I needed to be able to say in the future that I'm not always antisocial. Yeah that's me. Instead of explaining what I go through and hope others will understand, I put myself in a situation where I am pretty much certain I will spin out or something along those lines.

Yes I did have a vertigo attack. It was mild, but I'm starting to get a head cold and that messes with the fluid in my ears so it was a little scary. The most frightening thing is the fact that I had no warning at all. I have always had a sort of feeling that something wasn't right before I would have an attack. Not this time. Was it the virus? The exhaustion? The med changes I just went through? Or maybe this illness is taking on a new face for me. I couldn't even make it to the car unassisted. I'm having some trouble processing what this will mean for me. I work full time and drive myself. I also have three kids and dogs and cats to take care of and I have to do it all.

Going back to work was not a wise decision because there was so much to do and I felt horrible with this cold and I'm still exhausted and unbalanced. My manager agreed to let me have tomorrow to rest. I have several documentaries in my Netflix cue and an appointment with the couch for the whole day. No work emails, internet, phone or any other distractions. Maybe this will be just what I need.

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